Sunday, September 20, 2009

last week

G o o d o l d Australian p a s t i m e s :(greg, david, ollie and Tom have a battle in the pool while olivia lies on the floor)
(izzie and David doing their best "Howard moon" from the mighty Boosh impression)
(Tom, Samm and greg)
(me: I'm wearing t-shirt from myer, white shorts from vinnies, and necklases from a little asian boutique)(me, samm, Greg and David)
Last week, one of my best friends Samm has a barbeque at her house. It was a 30 degree day, so swimming was involved. It was one of those perfect pre-summer days that called for little clothing and photography with over-exposure. It was a nice little gathering, good friends, good company, good day.
au revoir.

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sayangku kucingku said...

HOWARD MOON is my favorite boosh