Monday, September 28, 2009


♥ p a s t e l b r i g h t s ♥ :

Bright pastels? Is there such a thing I hear you ask...but I am here to say yes, why yes there is. And I am utterly IN LOVE with them. I have recently been seeing a whole lot of them popping up, everywhere from Lookbook(1st picture) to Italian vogue ( 2nd picture)to the runways of innovative and amazing designers such as Dries Van Noten (bottom two pics) and Chloe. Its not only the colours of these looks that I am smitten with (I am particularly in love with the neon-yet-muted Lilac and salmon colours), but it also the amazing relaxed tailoring of all the garments which I love. It's just a look that appeals to me. I dress very femininely and I have always done so, so this draped and whimsical take on tailored masculinity is really up my alley. I just think those pants (GASP!), blouses and blazers are perfection! I love how they look so comfortable and yet also so elegant and chic. I would love to know what that fabric is also, I think it's a silk? Im not sure, but it looks absolutely gorgeous to wear. I hope the Australian chain stores take to copying the big designers and pick up this trend...AH! The pants are amazing, amazing, amazing, they're so understated and pretty, I want some!
au revoir.

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