Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve

C h r i s t m a s E v e !
I thought I'd share with you all some pictures from my Christmas festivities. These particular pictures are from Christmas eve, which my family spent with our best friends.
It was a lovely night filled with Christmas cheer and good food...just as it should be!

me, filled with christmas cheer
Who doesn't love the lame Bon-Bon jokes?
the table
The amazing spread of food -- hello swedish meatballs !
Christmas table decoration from Izzie
Me and my brother, Darcy
My best and oldest friend Rachel and her brother, Aaron.

I hope all of your holidays were as fun as mine!
Next time, I'll preview some of my gifts :)
au revoir

Friday, December 24, 2010

good jul!

M e r r y C h r i s t m a s !

Merry Christmas my lovely readers!

Love, L

Thursday, December 23, 2010

outfit three ++

The T w e n t y - T h i r d !

This is what I wore today while I was out doing last minute Christmas shopping...
I love christmas shopping! I know many people find it frustrating and to a certain extent it is, but I think nothing can beat that feeling of when you find the perfect thing for someone!
I live for the reaction when you get someone something they would really use or appreciate... as a child I never quite got the whole "giving is better than receiving" mantra, but now as I've gotten older I completely do!
I'm excited for tomorrow not only because it's Christmas eve...but also because my dad, brother and I are going to visit IKEA...which always makes my Swedish dad incredibly nostalgic. He often whips out strange food items and throws them in mine and my brothers faces proclaiming that it was 'his favourite food when he was our age' back in the motherland (an example of one nostalgia-enducing food item is 'kallas caviar' I. E prawn paste in a tube...that he puts on toast...with apricot marmalade...the swedes are strange!)

I'm wearing:
TOP: My beautiful new Secret Squirrel top.
SHORTS: Vintage denim-cut offs
CLOGS: Rubi shoes (I saw them on sale for $10...had to get them!)

au revoir!

Sunday, December 19, 2010



I am really looking forward to seeing Sofia Coppola's new film "Somewhere."
Sofia Coppola is pretty much my favorite director, she has only made four features (including 'Somewhere') but I love the films she has made so much! I love the simplicity of her stories, and how she carries the simplicity through the entire film, in terms of costume, set and cinematography.
She also has just about the best taste in music, too...any one who has heard 'The Virgin Suicides" soundtrack (which she collaborated with Air on) you would know what I'm talking about.
'Somewhere' promises to be just as amazing as her previous flicks, with her long-time partner, Pheonix band member, Thomas Mars creating an all-original soundtrack...
The costuming of the film's female protagonist "Cleo" played by Elle Fanning is so beautiful as well...sure, she's eleven years old, but it wouldn't hurt anyone to take a style note from her feminine, minimalistic wardrobe. Here are some pictures from the film!

The trailer features one of my favourite songs, Julian Casablancas' slower version of The Strokes song "You Only Live Once";
"I'll try Anything Once" which just sets the perfect tone for the film...
Watch the trailer below and try and tell me you aren't interested in 'Somewhere' if for nothing else for the cinematography which looks just as dreamy and playful as The Virgin Suicides!

au revoir!

Monday, December 13, 2010

A girl can dream...

D r e a m
W i s h l i s t !

i. A Papillionaire bicycle. (This is the bicycle of my dreams!)

Normally, I do little post around Christmas time with a little wish list of all the things I am hoping to preview here on the blog after Christmas. This year I've decided to do a make believe wishlist of all the things I would want for Christmas if I were a millionaire. It's much more fun this way!

ii. Fleur Wood play suit. I love Fleur Wood, going into one of their shops is like walking into my dream bedroom. Everything about Fleur Wood is pretty and delicate and feminine-- just my style!

iii. Alexa Chung for Madewell "Tennessee" velvet dress. This is my favourite dress from Alexa Chung's madewell collection. It is just a perfect little black dress but it has a little hint of quirkiness with the velvet and the collar. This one is on the list because the Madwell online store doesn't ship internationally!

iv. Juliette Hogan skirt. I think Juliette Hogan is quickly becoming one of my favourite labels. I absolutely LOVE her gorgeous sheer and subtlety pleated skirts and dresses. I would actually fork out the money for one of them if I could find where to buy the online! It's almost impossible!

Vivienne Westwood three strap roman sandals. Perfect summer shoes. Enough said.

A Detatcher Verlaine platform Sandal. These are my dream shoes! I love that they are essentially a super-sized clog. The leather is such a beautiful colour, and the braiding of the leather is just so interesting to the eye. Love it!

vii. Love, Chloe perfume. I recently sampled this perfume at Myer and it smells absolutly beautiful!

viii. Paul and Joe cat Liptisck. This is just about the best thing ever. This lipstick is not only in the nicest shades but hello- cats, moon-themes and beautifully patterned lipstick covers! I love these so much that I think I just may buy one of these for myself (or maybe two!)

vix. Helveta Voltag wooden rings. How cool are these!? I'm always a fan of wooden jewellery, but wooden jewellery cut into a crystal shape---how amazing!

♥ ♥ ♥

What do all of you guys want for christmas???
A u revoir!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


A cooler s u m m e r outfit !

shorts: Blue Juice, Stockings- Target, Cardigan- vintage.
The weather has been so hot here in Australia the past couple of days, but I took these few photos last week when the weather was a bit more forgiving.
At the moment Ive been working a lot, so I haven't had much time to be to inspired by anything, fashion wise. The only thing I am being inspired by at the moment is summer itself. Summer is really making me think of investing a pair of white espadrilles, a la Alexa Chung. They are such sweet shoes that go so well with flowy dresses and denim cut-offs. I hope everyone's holidays are going well, I'm planning a little summer inspiration post shortly!
Au revoir!