Thursday, December 23, 2010

outfit three ++

The T w e n t y - T h i r d !

This is what I wore today while I was out doing last minute Christmas shopping...
I love christmas shopping! I know many people find it frustrating and to a certain extent it is, but I think nothing can beat that feeling of when you find the perfect thing for someone!
I live for the reaction when you get someone something they would really use or appreciate... as a child I never quite got the whole "giving is better than receiving" mantra, but now as I've gotten older I completely do!
I'm excited for tomorrow not only because it's Christmas eve...but also because my dad, brother and I are going to visit IKEA...which always makes my Swedish dad incredibly nostalgic. He often whips out strange food items and throws them in mine and my brothers faces proclaiming that it was 'his favourite food when he was our age' back in the motherland (an example of one nostalgia-enducing food item is 'kallas caviar' I. E prawn paste in a tube...that he puts on toast...with apricot marmalade...the swedes are strange!)

I'm wearing:
TOP: My beautiful new Secret Squirrel top.
SHORTS: Vintage denim-cut offs
CLOGS: Rubi shoes (I saw them on sale for $10...had to get them!)

au revoir!


Tess S. said...

i love those wedges!

taylorkitto said...

you are like a model! such a cute outfit.

Dylana Suarez said...

That top is gorgeous!


The feather fleurette said...

thankyou for all your lovely comments, Tess, little dear and Dlyana!