Saturday, July 31, 2010

Leith Clarke

♥ ♥ ♥
L e i t h C l a r k e !
My life hero. She is a beautiful Stylist and editor-in-cheif of Lula magazine, my favourite publication ever. I had a little peruse about various blogs to try and find some pictures of her and her pretty outfits after finding the above picture on a Orla Keiley blog---isn't that dress amazing!

Most of her outfits are, actually. Anyone who is quoted saying "I like all my dresses to look like cakes" is pretty cool in my book--- enjoy her style!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

r a nd o m moodboard

August Moodboard:

I'm inspired by all these outfits at the moment, I love the colours, the separates and the accessories --- au revoir!

Friday, July 23, 2010

volume t w o

S h e + h i m volume t w o
As I think every regular reader of this blog knows, Zooey Deschanel is my lady. I think she is an incredibly talented and wonderful person, so naturally I enjoy her band, She and Him. I absolutely loved their first album, Volume one (with my favourite songs being 'sentimental heart', 'change is hard' and 'sweet darling') so I couldn't wait for Volume two to be released.
I must say, I have not been disappointed! The sound of the second album has the combined sound of a 60's girl band mixed with a jazz crooner with a little bit of country thrown in there, similar to Volume One. What I have found is that there is more a country/western vibe to this album, which I rather like (surprisingly). I think its the mix of Zooey's beautiful velvetey crooner voice with M. Ward's guitar(which I believe contribues the country vibe) that makes this album work so well. My favourite songs so far are :'Home' and 'In the sun'. The song below, 'Theives" is also lovely, and has the most amazing video clip ever--- check it out!
She + Him---Theives---Volume two♥

au revoir!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Miss Unkon lookbook

M i s s U n k o n ! ♥
After viewing this lookbook, I have decided that I want my summer to look like this. I love the pastels and the prettiness of it all, but most of all I enjoy the lightweight fabrics and the 70's vibe to all the pieces. I have been really enjoying 70's dresses recently, I just feel like wearing a nude 70's dress with butterfly sleeves teamed with a nice cardigan, stockings and boots for the winter times.

The winter times have certainly left me rather uninspired clothing wise. I get so excited for layering during the warmer months, but when I reach winter, I've already had a whole month of layering in Autumn so I'm over it.
Can't wait for Spring. Best season after Autumn.
I hope all my blog readers are well, sorry about the slow down in featherfleurette town, but sadly I'll be blogging at around this pace until October when my final high school exams end!
au revoir!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

birthday things!

('Scarlett' perfume, by Cacharel -above-)
( and... my book of love from my friends-below-)
B i r t h d a y l o v e !
I apologize for being a deadbeat blogger lately, school is now going in to overdrive and we all really have to work now...come October school will be over- forever! Scary! Anyway, I thought I would show you a few ( very few) of the lovely things I received for my eighteenth birthday on the 1st of July!
My brother got me the perfume 'Scarlett' by Cacharel. I've loved the purfume for ages and ages---it smells so beautiful and the bottle is so pretty! I also love the ad's, styled by Editor-in-chief of Lula magazine (and my personal hero) Leigth Clarke.
My best friends got all of my other friends to write a little message to me for my birthday and they created a beautiful eighteenth birthday book for me--- I absoultey love it!
My parents got me another pair of Funkis clogs---a black pair which I have been wearing constantly for the past two weeks.
Bri + Andrew at Secret Squirrel gave me this amazing sequined cardigan from their autumn/winter range. It's the perfect thing to wear out over a pretty dress when going out these cold nights!
I love all the people who made my birthday so special--thanks guys!

au revoir!
(the Secret Squirrel 'Blackbird' cardigan)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

p l e a t s!

P l e a t s !

Hanging out at Secret Squirrel has got me falling in love with pleated outfits! I just love how they can turn a rather plain colored outfit interesting and pretty. I am completely in love with the outfit below ( with the espadrilles)- it has that perfect mix of casual and smart with the tee shirt/pleated skirt it!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


T h a n k s e v e r y o n e ! (This is a picture of Rachel and I when we were two and three respectively--ah the old days!)
As I sign off for the night of my day of birth I would like to thank everyone who made my day so amazing! God you guys are so lovely, I really had the most amazing eighteenth! I had a wondrous day of schooling (not much schooling was done), I got a free 'birthday' boost juice, went out to dinner with my family at my favourite Japanese restaurant (with sake and random sweet German wine on hand) and had a nice little 'first eighteen year cocktail at a bar in Newtown!
thanks again, lovely people :)
au revoir! (from a very happy eighteen year old)