Friday, July 23, 2010

volume t w o

S h e + h i m volume t w o
As I think every regular reader of this blog knows, Zooey Deschanel is my lady. I think she is an incredibly talented and wonderful person, so naturally I enjoy her band, She and Him. I absolutely loved their first album, Volume one (with my favourite songs being 'sentimental heart', 'change is hard' and 'sweet darling') so I couldn't wait for Volume two to be released.
I must say, I have not been disappointed! The sound of the second album has the combined sound of a 60's girl band mixed with a jazz crooner with a little bit of country thrown in there, similar to Volume One. What I have found is that there is more a country/western vibe to this album, which I rather like (surprisingly). I think its the mix of Zooey's beautiful velvetey crooner voice with M. Ward's guitar(which I believe contribues the country vibe) that makes this album work so well. My favourite songs so far are :'Home' and 'In the sun'. The song below, 'Theives" is also lovely, and has the most amazing video clip ever--- check it out!
She + Him---Theives---Volume two♥

au revoir!

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