Wednesday, July 14, 2010

birthday things!

('Scarlett' perfume, by Cacharel -above-)
( and... my book of love from my friends-below-)
B i r t h d a y l o v e !
I apologize for being a deadbeat blogger lately, school is now going in to overdrive and we all really have to work now...come October school will be over- forever! Scary! Anyway, I thought I would show you a few ( very few) of the lovely things I received for my eighteenth birthday on the 1st of July!
My brother got me the perfume 'Scarlett' by Cacharel. I've loved the purfume for ages and ages---it smells so beautiful and the bottle is so pretty! I also love the ad's, styled by Editor-in-chief of Lula magazine (and my personal hero) Leigth Clarke.
My best friends got all of my other friends to write a little message to me for my birthday and they created a beautiful eighteenth birthday book for me--- I absoultey love it!
My parents got me another pair of Funkis clogs---a black pair which I have been wearing constantly for the past two weeks.
Bri + Andrew at Secret Squirrel gave me this amazing sequined cardigan from their autumn/winter range. It's the perfect thing to wear out over a pretty dress when going out these cold nights!
I love all the people who made my birthday so special--thanks guys!

au revoir!
(the Secret Squirrel 'Blackbird' cardigan)

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