Thursday, July 22, 2010

Miss Unkon lookbook

M i s s U n k o n ! ♥
After viewing this lookbook, I have decided that I want my summer to look like this. I love the pastels and the prettiness of it all, but most of all I enjoy the lightweight fabrics and the 70's vibe to all the pieces. I have been really enjoying 70's dresses recently, I just feel like wearing a nude 70's dress with butterfly sleeves teamed with a nice cardigan, stockings and boots for the winter times.

The winter times have certainly left me rather uninspired clothing wise. I get so excited for layering during the warmer months, but when I reach winter, I've already had a whole month of layering in Autumn so I'm over it.
Can't wait for Spring. Best season after Autumn.
I hope all my blog readers are well, sorry about the slow down in featherfleurette town, but sadly I'll be blogging at around this pace until October when my final high school exams end!
au revoir!

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Little Miss Victoria said...

I love autumn too, im already over summer here in Ireland,(not that we get much of a summer!)but i cant wait for getting out my ankle socks and layering them with beautiful decorative tights!oh and scarfs too, got to love scarfs!:D...oh why cant it be autumn now!x