Saturday, March 27, 2010


S o r r y ?

Some pretty photos that have been posted as an attempt of saying sorry for being such a negligent blogger of late. year twelve is no friend of mine. Oh no.
(also, isn't that room, and dress, in the last picture just perfection?!)
au revoir!

Friday, March 26, 2010

S e c r e t S q u i r r e l !

S e c r e t S q u i r r e l one of my favorite fashion labels.

Secret Squirrel is an amazing, amazing amazing! The Australian label is designed by Bri Cheeseman and Andrew Prince.
The initial source of inspiration for Secret Squirrel is the life of a ‘Sydney-sider’. They attempt to supply
the typical Sydney girl with clothing that, like the lives of so many Australians are simple and laid-back yet sometimes simultaneously elegant and extravagant.
What I love most about the label is their inspirations, and how well they translate to the collection at hand.
They are exceedingly easily inspired, drawing inspiration from the most seemingly abstract sources. This ability to draw inspiration from a myriad of unusual and unexpected sources contributes profusely to their design aesthetic. Their primary sources of inspiration include people-watching, TV, music, art, flowers and pretty blogs “All those things everyone says,” says Bri. The eccentric sources of inspiration continue further, with Bri’s ability to find beauty in the most unconventional of places “A lot of the time I like to look at ugly shit, like driving around [industrial suburbs] Botany or Alexandria. And I love to look at old people and what they are wearing, old men in their grey slacks and navy jumpers, those brown checked polyester shirts and vinyl shoes with the zips on the side.”
Bri also has an immense love for Alexa Chung, like me! They just make pretty, simple and amazing clothes that are just so beautiful!

Their latest collection, The white Ablum is inspired by the Beatles, in all stages of their career. 'The white album’ is an unconventional and subtle tribute to the group, and all rock and roll artists of the 60’s and 70’s. Emblazoned with stage-worthy sequins, chambray that is reminiscent of Woodstock 1967 and texture that could be traced back to Janis Joplin , ‘The White Album' is a winter collection that stays true to the brands’ aesthetic.

I have been interning for them for the past month or so and i love it!!! They are both such lovely, genuinely kind hearted people and I love, love, love going to see them in their design space that is an inspiration in itself! I just thought I'd tell you, some of my blog posts will be linked onto Bri's SS blog, so if you, I dunno, feel like reading this blog, but on another page (for excitements sake--mix it up) you can read it there soon too!
Here's their blog.
...and here's the site for more pictures of the collection of love.
au revoir!

Monday, March 22, 2010

C O A T S !

c o a t o ' c l o c k

C o a t s !
For the past few months ( yes, I'll admit it, months) I have been collecting various images of wonderful women in wonderful coats. The Australian climate doesn't really demands coats for winter, although last year I felt like it did! So this year a nice coat is on my A/W list of things that I want. I would love a really pretty pea coat (like the peach one below from New Zealand label Ruby) mixed with an Alexa Chung style navy or leopard print coat ( leopard print blog coming soon also, I have been slowly acquiring images for that one too). I'm thinking about going around to the various op shops at my disposal and finding a great pre-loved one there, but so far I've not much had luck. Truthfully I haven't been looking all that hard, a coat has been on my mind for so long that when I walk into a second hand shop and see a nice coat I go "ah, I don't need it..yet".
Anyway, I think they just add somthing special to an outfit. If one was to wear a plain dress underneath, with some nice shoes and socks- it would just look so lovely! In summary, perfect for warming, and making winter outfits prettier and more interesting. So hopefully, my first coat-ed winter shall be this year!
au revoir!
Wish me luck for my parent/teacher interviews tonight!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


T u m b l r !
I thought I would wait a little longer before I posted this here but...
I started a Tumblr! The Feather Fleurette is still my baby, and it is my number one priority blog wise, but Tumblr is such a good way to get rid of all the pretty pictures on my computer, quickly too.
So, please enjoy my new pages!
The name of this blog is derived from a Keats poem.
All readers of this blog know my love for him.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


T y p e w r i t e r !
Yesterday I went to the markets on my lunch break at work and I found a typewriter!
An amazing treasure to find, it's in proper working condition, it was only ten dollars and just look how pretty it is! I have been searching for an affordable one for ages now, so I am very pleased with my purchase, as you can probably tell.

I also got a beautiful painting of Swan Lake (which you can see in the background of the above picture) for my new room.
It is in my room design plans to have a wall adorned with a plethora of paintings in all different shapes and sizes, with all the pictures depicting something pretty, like Swan Lake, or forests...or autumn.
..... ... ....
I had the most amazing day yesterday,

I got to go and hang out with the Secret Squirrel gang in the morning

and I got to go to my lovely work place.

p. s. Expect a post about Secret Squirrel soon, I've been putting it off because it will take me some time to make it perfect, I want to do the brand justice.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

R a n d o m # 4

♥ ... ♥ ... ♥
Just some more pretty pictures for everyone to have a little peruse : : :

G o o d n i g h t!
I would love to fall asleep in a tent like this, under the moon and the stars, wearing a crown and a too-too.

S r e t s i s !

S r e t s i s !
(in particular S/S 10)

Sretsis is an amazing little label that I came across after reading an editorial about them in Lula magazine a couple of issues ago. They make really, really amazing and whimsical clothing. The Sretsis look is really just me in a nutshell. Their clothes are so ethereal and youthful. I really love the picture above, the daisy chain motif is just so pretty! I would love to own that top of the right.
The pictures with the pastel, tye-dye background is their latest collection, but the picture below to the left is from a marvelous previous collection.
I would imagine that if I ever designed a collection, it would turn out looking something like this.

♥ A u R e v o i r .

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Anyone remember P E T R O V A ?

P e t r o v a H a m m o n d !

For all of you Australians who were hooked on the first season of Project Runway Australia, you would know that it was impossible to ignore Petrova!From the beginning of the promotional ads, when I saw Petrova clad in her fringed, fuchsia top; her sparkly, black, tiered too-too and her gypsy hat I pinned her as my favorite.
I have recently come across images of her new collection. She designs for her label---
L a d y P e t r o v a !
She was inspired by a story book with some creepy plot about a little girl being locked in an attic, but sent all these pretty clothes or something. I forgot the story, but it is plain to see that influence by looking at the pictures. These are my favorite looks, enjoy! I know I did!
au revoir! ♥

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Clog o' clock

N e w (ugly to the point of greatness) S h o e s !

A couple of weeks ago I did a post about clogs, and my new found love for sandal-ed clogs.
A couple of months ago I did a post about my deep love for wedged shoes.
---On Sunday when I went to a random markets near Luna Park ( that I stumbled upon completely by accident! Best accident ever!) I found a pair of shoes that are a blend of both!
I love, love, love them!!
I can't wait to wear some thick grey socks or some grey or heart-print stockings with them! I wore them around the house the other day and they are majorly comfortable. These would look just amazing with a chambray dress and those grey socks I think!
Oh, and did I mention I got them for $5??♥ ♥ ♥

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

girl crush #10

C a r e y M u l l i g a n !
I love her. She is so elegant and lovely! You can tell she is one of those young actressess that have a proper head on their shoulders, she reminds me of Audrey Hepburn actually. I can see her popping up in Lula soon.
I really, really want to see her movie"
An Education
The film looks really interesting, Carey plays the protagonist, a role that got her an Oscar nomination for best actress...
If for nothing else, I would watch this movie for the costumes---The film is set in 1961, so they costumes are still a bit 50's-ish.

au revoir

Monday, March 8, 2010

o u t f i t s!

I n s p i r a t i o n ♥
Another half arsed blog from me today -
These are just some pretty pictures of some pretty outfits that I would like to 'appropriate'
I really, really, really love the jacket in the picture below--- it just looks so fluffy and warm!

Also, remember that time I went to JAPAN on exchange?
Well now it's my turn to return the favour!
I have a japanese exchange student living with me at the moment---so nice to be able to hang out with her and do quintesentially tourist-ey things that I wouldn't normally do. Should be fun!
au revoir!