Friday, March 5, 2010

L u l a = L o v e

L u l a !
L U L A !
...L u l a !(In picture: my new bag, that I wanted to post here as I love it! My new white horse figurine that amuses me, so I needed to post is here...and...LULA!)

Yesterday I bought Lula issue number ten!
I was so excited, I remain so excited!!
I don't think I would need much else in my life if I worked at Lula, it's more than my dream job.
It's my dream life.

Every time I open Lula I feel instantly well, complete. It is the best fantasy world that could be imagined!
This edition is all about the 1970's characters of Strawberry Shortcake, with seven different covers being available. Each cover has a model dressed as one of the characters---I chose to get the "blueberry muffin" cover.
Continuing on from edition nine's theme of redheads, edition ten is all about freckles and dots! Lots of editorials with polka dots, editorials with pictures of freckled child stars of the past and an interview/showcase with the kitsch artist (I say kitsch lightly, as insane would be more appropriate) Yayoi Kusama.
There's also an editorial about Joanna Newsom, which I am very excited about! I love her!
a u r e v o i r !

P. S
I have changed the header, I felt it was time for a change...
Do you know who else thought it was a time for a change?

One of my favorite songs ever.

Oh this brings me back to my Smiths' phase in year eight.