Wednesday, March 3, 2010

mui meow

M u i M e o w !
( I would say 'pardon the pun' but really, puns should never be pardoned)

A little while ago I remember seeing Chloe Sevigney in a beautiful Mui Mui creation (the one in the picture above to the right) on some red carpet or other. I made a mental note to look up the Mui Mui collection that created such an amazing dress. I forgot. It wasn't until I saw a photo of Daisy Lowe in another dress from this collection that I remembered to have a bit of a peruse. I was not dissapointed!
Anything that boasts shirring, ruffles, collars, jewels and cats is automatic amazement in my books! The detail is just so beautiful. This is also one of the most creative collections I've seen in a long time. Not only does it experiment with different tactile elements in the form of blending embellished jewels, starched cottons and crazy patterns...but they have created a really quirky, new silhouette - and executed it perfectly!

au revior!
oh, and wish me luck in my exams that start tomorrow! eek!
Now here's a song that I feel is more than appropriate for this post.
the cure- love cats


Vanitylife said...

THIS WAS AN AMAZING COLLECTION.. i wanted every bit of it! and the shoes *droooools*

eff_92 said...

omg! those shoes!! i want them!!