Monday, March 22, 2010

C O A T S !

c o a t o ' c l o c k

C o a t s !
For the past few months ( yes, I'll admit it, months) I have been collecting various images of wonderful women in wonderful coats. The Australian climate doesn't really demands coats for winter, although last year I felt like it did! So this year a nice coat is on my A/W list of things that I want. I would love a really pretty pea coat (like the peach one below from New Zealand label Ruby) mixed with an Alexa Chung style navy or leopard print coat ( leopard print blog coming soon also, I have been slowly acquiring images for that one too). I'm thinking about going around to the various op shops at my disposal and finding a great pre-loved one there, but so far I've not much had luck. Truthfully I haven't been looking all that hard, a coat has been on my mind for so long that when I walk into a second hand shop and see a nice coat I go "ah, I don't need it..yet".
Anyway, I think they just add somthing special to an outfit. If one was to wear a plain dress underneath, with some nice shoes and socks- it would just look so lovely! In summary, perfect for warming, and making winter outfits prettier and more interesting. So hopefully, my first coat-ed winter shall be this year!
au revoir!
Wish me luck for my parent/teacher interviews tonight!

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Alex said...

Good Luck for parent/teacher night! As an English girl I pretty much live in coats and dream of warm winters! Thanks for the pretty x