Friday, March 26, 2010

S e c r e t S q u i r r e l !

S e c r e t S q u i r r e l one of my favorite fashion labels.

Secret Squirrel is an amazing, amazing amazing! The Australian label is designed by Bri Cheeseman and Andrew Prince.
The initial source of inspiration for Secret Squirrel is the life of a ‘Sydney-sider’. They attempt to supply
the typical Sydney girl with clothing that, like the lives of so many Australians are simple and laid-back yet sometimes simultaneously elegant and extravagant.
What I love most about the label is their inspirations, and how well they translate to the collection at hand.
They are exceedingly easily inspired, drawing inspiration from the most seemingly abstract sources. This ability to draw inspiration from a myriad of unusual and unexpected sources contributes profusely to their design aesthetic. Their primary sources of inspiration include people-watching, TV, music, art, flowers and pretty blogs “All those things everyone says,” says Bri. The eccentric sources of inspiration continue further, with Bri’s ability to find beauty in the most unconventional of places “A lot of the time I like to look at ugly shit, like driving around [industrial suburbs] Botany or Alexandria. And I love to look at old people and what they are wearing, old men in their grey slacks and navy jumpers, those brown checked polyester shirts and vinyl shoes with the zips on the side.”
Bri also has an immense love for Alexa Chung, like me! They just make pretty, simple and amazing clothes that are just so beautiful!

Their latest collection, The white Ablum is inspired by the Beatles, in all stages of their career. 'The white album’ is an unconventional and subtle tribute to the group, and all rock and roll artists of the 60’s and 70’s. Emblazoned with stage-worthy sequins, chambray that is reminiscent of Woodstock 1967 and texture that could be traced back to Janis Joplin , ‘The White Album' is a winter collection that stays true to the brands’ aesthetic.

I have been interning for them for the past month or so and i love it!!! They are both such lovely, genuinely kind hearted people and I love, love, love going to see them in their design space that is an inspiration in itself! I just thought I'd tell you, some of my blog posts will be linked onto Bri's SS blog, so if you, I dunno, feel like reading this blog, but on another page (for excitements sake--mix it up) you can read it there soon too!
Here's their blog.
...and here's the site for more pictures of the collection of love.
au revoir!

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