Saturday, March 20, 2010


T y p e w r i t e r !
Yesterday I went to the markets on my lunch break at work and I found a typewriter!
An amazing treasure to find, it's in proper working condition, it was only ten dollars and just look how pretty it is! I have been searching for an affordable one for ages now, so I am very pleased with my purchase, as you can probably tell.

I also got a beautiful painting of Swan Lake (which you can see in the background of the above picture) for my new room.
It is in my room design plans to have a wall adorned with a plethora of paintings in all different shapes and sizes, with all the pictures depicting something pretty, like Swan Lake, or forests...or autumn.
..... ... ....
I had the most amazing day yesterday,

I got to go and hang out with the Secret Squirrel gang in the morning

and I got to go to my lovely work place.

p. s. Expect a post about Secret Squirrel soon, I've been putting it off because it will take me some time to make it perfect, I want to do the brand justice.

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Katie Beth said...

Wow, lucky you! I've been wanting one for quite some time, too.