Saturday, March 27, 2010


S o r r y ?

Some pretty photos that have been posted as an attempt of saying sorry for being such a negligent blogger of late. year twelve is no friend of mine. Oh no.
(also, isn't that room, and dress, in the last picture just perfection?!)
au revoir!


Anonymous said...

is the girl in the last photo willa holland??
or are my eyes deceiving me

The feather fleurette said...

It looks like her, doesn't it?
Im not sure though, its from a random tumblr from agesss ago. it is the most beautiful picture!

Stoney said...

Is that last photo a Cam Archer piece? He is my favourite photographer!

The feather fleurette said...

In response to both of you (after research)
emily: yes it is willa!
and stono: yes it is a cam archer!
I rather love him too!