Thursday, March 18, 2010

S r e t s i s !

S r e t s i s !
(in particular S/S 10)

Sretsis is an amazing little label that I came across after reading an editorial about them in Lula magazine a couple of issues ago. They make really, really amazing and whimsical clothing. The Sretsis look is really just me in a nutshell. Their clothes are so ethereal and youthful. I really love the picture above, the daisy chain motif is just so pretty! I would love to own that top of the right.
The pictures with the pastel, tye-dye background is their latest collection, but the picture below to the left is from a marvelous previous collection.
I would imagine that if I ever designed a collection, it would turn out looking something like this.

♥ A u R e v o i r .

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