Saturday, June 25, 2011

sweater clips!

S w e a t e r C L I P S

The other week I bought the most beautiful 60's sweater clips from etsy store VintageEnvy
which has the most wonderful collection of 60's brooches, earrings and of course sweater clips!
I first saw these on the blog Amateur Coture, and knew I had to have them.
They are such a cute addition to an outfit, I loved how they looked in the 60's and I love them how they today with a modern outfit. I think I will buy myself a blue cardigan to wear with these...maybe a vintage cashmere one! Very appropriate.

au revoir!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Alison Scarpulla

Alison S c a r p u l l a

If you regularly follow any of the blogs that I do you will probably have seen Alison Scarpulla's beautiful photographs circulating around. Pagan rituals, full moons, woods and well-dressed ladies are all a common themes on her Flikr page which, really, is right up my alley.
I love how haunting and mysterious all the photographs are, created by the hazy soft focus and the muted, ambiguous colours in them.
If I were ever to start my own magazine, these are the exact kind of images I would have adorning every page.

Friday, June 10, 2011


Thunder In Our Hearts

I thought I'd do a little mini outfit post today to show off my beautiful new Fieldguided tote bag. I've been a huge Fieldguided fan for a long time, and I have always admired Anabela's simple yet pretty tote bags so when I visited the mail box yesterday to find an amazing dip dyed tote bag I was incredibly excited! It fits all my things perfectly, and its so great to bring to uni.
The blush colour of the bag is perfect for adding a bit of colour to all of the grey, black and white outfits i've been wearing the past couple of weeks in this crazy Sydney cold snap. Too cold! I think the dip dye kinda looks like a sunset, so lovely!

au revoir

Monday, June 6, 2011

winter inspiration

W i n t e r !is officially here now, which means lots of great things including winter break and my nineteenth birthday. It also means stockings, capes, coats, scarves, boots and sweaters. Which is pretty great.
I'm a bit torn though, being in Australia all of my favourite blogs are northern hemisphere based and thus posting beautiful summer pictures running around in flimsy skirts and singlets...which makes me super jealous that I can't do that right now. Anyone else dealing with that?

The weather hasn't been too bad yet, so hopefully we can have a mild winter all rugged up in layers while drinking litres of tea a day. That's pretty much how it's been for the past couple of weeks.
EDIT: The weather has been pure shit. The day after I posted this, Sydney experienced its coldest day in about five years :(
P.S I have exams coming up so sorry in advance if there is less posting than usual, however I will try to sneak an outfit post in sometime revoir! x

Thursday, June 2, 2011

dream outfits!

Dream o u t f i t s for Autumn/winter

I love doing these collages, creating beautiful looks out of clothes w
ith I will either never own, or hope hope hope to be able to own/afford one day! These four outfits are pretty unsuitable for real winter weather, but lets pretend it's a mild winter that allows for beautiful clothes.

To... d i n n e r :
I would love to wear this APC camel coat over the top of a Secret Squirrel Pyramid dress to dinner. The combination of these two with my new favourite bag by Australian brand Under The Apple creates a real 'breakfast at Tiffany's' look to this outfit. It'd be a little bit more like dinner at Tiffany's though.
The shoes are also APC.

to... W O R K
Working in a vintage store, I am lucky to be able to wear pretty much anything vintage, or vintage inspired to work. This beautiful lace top (which i'm not sure of the label, sorry) has a real 50's feel when paired with the Secret Squirrel Edie skirt which I think has a bit of a Bridgitte Bardot vibe. The shoes + necklace is Madewell.

To... Go S h o p p i n g with friends
I love the more tomboy-ish look of this outfit, and how it's also pretty luxurious, with a cashmere Opening Ceremony sweater and Lover silk shorts. This look is pretty much as laid back as I go, as with the lace silk shorts the outfit is still romantic and pretty. The addition of the beautiful Secret Squirrel pea coat adds that 60's vibe to outfits I love so much.

T o . . . University
This is probably one of my favorite Secret Squirrel dresses (and they make so many good ones!) This beauty is the counting stars dress and the colour and the fit is so perfect for dressing up prettily for any occasion really, but the relaxed fix makes it perfect for uni. In real life, Id probably not pair it with these madewell clog boots for uni, but hey its dream outfit time. Anything goes!

au revoir!

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