Monday, June 6, 2011

winter inspiration

W i n t e r !is officially here now, which means lots of great things including winter break and my nineteenth birthday. It also means stockings, capes, coats, scarves, boots and sweaters. Which is pretty great.
I'm a bit torn though, being in Australia all of my favourite blogs are northern hemisphere based and thus posting beautiful summer pictures running around in flimsy skirts and singlets...which makes me super jealous that I can't do that right now. Anyone else dealing with that?

The weather hasn't been too bad yet, so hopefully we can have a mild winter all rugged up in layers while drinking litres of tea a day. That's pretty much how it's been for the past couple of weeks.
EDIT: The weather has been pure shit. The day after I posted this, Sydney experienced its coldest day in about five years :(
P.S I have exams coming up so sorry in advance if there is less posting than usual, however I will try to sneak an outfit post in sometime revoir! x

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Lucy said...

definitely my inspiration for Autumn too!! thankyou, really enjoying looking at your blog!