Thursday, June 2, 2011

dream outfits!

Dream o u t f i t s for Autumn/winter

I love doing these collages, creating beautiful looks out of clothes w
ith I will either never own, or hope hope hope to be able to own/afford one day! These four outfits are pretty unsuitable for real winter weather, but lets pretend it's a mild winter that allows for beautiful clothes.

To... d i n n e r :
I would love to wear this APC camel coat over the top of a Secret Squirrel Pyramid dress to dinner. The combination of these two with my new favourite bag by Australian brand Under The Apple creates a real 'breakfast at Tiffany's' look to this outfit. It'd be a little bit more like dinner at Tiffany's though.
The shoes are also APC.

to... W O R K
Working in a vintage store, I am lucky to be able to wear pretty much anything vintage, or vintage inspired to work. This beautiful lace top (which i'm not sure of the label, sorry) has a real 50's feel when paired with the Secret Squirrel Edie skirt which I think has a bit of a Bridgitte Bardot vibe. The shoes + necklace is Madewell.

To... Go S h o p p i n g with friends
I love the more tomboy-ish look of this outfit, and how it's also pretty luxurious, with a cashmere Opening Ceremony sweater and Lover silk shorts. This look is pretty much as laid back as I go, as with the lace silk shorts the outfit is still romantic and pretty. The addition of the beautiful Secret Squirrel pea coat adds that 60's vibe to outfits I love so much.

T o . . . University
This is probably one of my favorite Secret Squirrel dresses (and they make so many good ones!) This beauty is the counting stars dress and the colour and the fit is so perfect for dressing up prettily for any occasion really, but the relaxed fix makes it perfect for uni. In real life, Id probably not pair it with these madewell clog boots for uni, but hey its dream outfit time. Anything goes!

au revoir!

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Faridah said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this post. I would wear each and every one of these outfits. I especially love that A.P.C. coat. You can style me any day! x

The feather fleurette said...

Oh thanks so much! That coat is pretty amazing, huh?

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Love it!

Claggie said...

Oh, these outfits are so adorable! Great choices! I would wear those any day!