Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Im sorry.

Im sorry I have been a neglegent blogger of late, I went to my holiday house on the NSW coast, and there was no internet! So I suppose I took a little blogging break, but im back in the city and I am ready to blog to my hearts content...starting with this:
( simple- yes, effective- also yes)
I was always one for skirts, I think I only own about three pairs of pants in total, so suffice to say skirts are my thing, but I only recently have been wearing printed or plain T-shirts with them.
Strange that I did not think of wearing this combination sooner, (seeing as it is a very unoriginal idea) but I really like the look of it.
I was more of a blouse/skirt combo person, but I think that adding a t-shirt instead has a more casual, less girly-girly ( my ultimute fear! apart from being described as "cute") feel to it.
So this is how I think the equation should go:
(here we go- more fashion maths. Im sorry for all of you who have to endure my witty posts)

Printed ( loose fitting tee):


A beautiful, more statement like skirt ( such as this beautiful velvet one, but bold, bright and big florals could also do)


A lovely pair of socks or knee highs, a hat or headband and some pretty shoes.

One of my most favourite ( and most comfortable) outfits to wear.


alex [: said...

a cute 50s style cropped cardigan would look really cute over that [:
if it was a band tee, a really girly cardigan, good contrast [:

i like your blog! ^^

alex [: said...

even if a cardigan would make it a little overly girly?lol

Feather Fleurette said...

That sounds sweet.
and haha, yes if it wa some 70s punk band tee ( read: iggy and the stooges) with a cardigan, itd look perfect.
thanks for the comments :)
i like your blog, also.