Thursday, April 8, 2010

outfit #2

T o d a y ' s
O u t f i t

I know, it has been forever since I have done an outfit post, and that makes me sad as I really love reading fashion blogs who do regular outfit posts. It really gives you a sense of the bloggers personality, and I find it so interesting reading about bloggers' inspirations then seeing them put it to play in an outfit post. I do find it hard to do outfit posts though, I am always looking for the perfect backdrop, and as my house is still (heavily) a construction site, it is difficult. On top of that I feel like such a dork posing for pictures!
Today I managed to sneak into the back lane to take a few pictures of what I wore today to a lovely french cafe for lunch with my mum + dad.

The dress is Cream on King st. Shoes are vintage. necklace is home made. Bracelets are from an indian market in Newtown (one of the many)

au revoir!

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