Monday, August 15, 2011

U S A trip 2011!

Hello all, I have some exciting news.... I'm going to America in three weeks!
We're going on a little family holiday to San Francisco and New York and I thought I'd do a few posts to boost up my momentum. I've been to San Francisco before, back in 2008, and I can safely say it is my favourite city in the world. It is magically sad in its fog ridden haze but it is also colourful and crisp and bright. Last time we stayed at Fishermans wharf and this time we will be staying in my favourite suburb in all the lands, H a i g h t A s h b u r y !

I've been saving my pennies for months upon months and plan to spend most of them in the vintage stores in Haight Ashbury, which I think are the best in the world. Unfortunatley I lost all my pictures from my last visit, so here are a few beautiful images of my beloved city!

For further momentum, I have been engaging in all American things, s
uch as blogs, music and books. If you want to get in the San Francisco spirit (or just want a good read) I recommend Jack Keroac's "On The Road" (amazing of my favourites!); for some tuneage, I recommend "If you're going to San Francisco" by The Byrds (I listened to it last time I was there...with flowers in my hair!) and for a bit of blogging fun, check out San Francisco based blog Blushing Ambition here. I love, love, love her style (and will be visiting a few of the resturants she photographs so well!)

Next time, New York!
Au revoir.

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Amie said...

thats so exciting! i wonder whether the weather will start to change into autumn/fall season while you're there! have you been to tartine in san francisco? thats my favourite place the go everytime i'm there :) blondie's pizza is also a must for me too! ahh i love usa trips!