Monday, September 26, 2011

USA holiday p a r t o n e

San f r a n s i s c o !

Hello all!
I have now come home from my American adventure, boy was it amazing.
Here are my favourite snaps from San Fransisco, which was incredible. SF is so much like Sydney it's crazy, its so crisp and clean and grey (in a good way!)
I really love San Fran...I mean just look at these pictures, what a beautiful place!

Sadly, the vintage fashion this time around wasn't so good. When I visited Haight Ashbury back in 2008 I pretty much lost my shit and went crazy in the vintage stores there. This time however, the quality of vintage was seriously lacking (in my opinion you really can't call 90's and 00's clothes vintage!) or the legit stuff was far too overpriced.

Vintage sadness aside, SF was probably my favourite leg of the trip. New York was incredible and exciting, but SF was just so chilled. I had a lot of quiet moments to just go 'wow. This place'.

In other news...I got a new camera! FINALLY! This camera is beautiful and shiny and I named it Ezriel. This is good news for you lovely readers too, because hopefully this will mean a better quality blog (better quality pictures at least!)

These pictures were taken with the old camera, I love the second image. Such a 'No, Dad, I don't feel like having my picture taken right now. Oh okay, just do it' face.

Glad to be back + Au revoir!


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