Wednesday, June 9, 2010

outfits that I shall steal!

At the moment, school has been generally rude and unforgiving. I am glad that I shall be finished with high school in a few short (who am I kidding- long) months!
As a result of this, I haven't really been able to get out to the shops much...I got to the markets a few weeks ago and got some amazing things ( an oversized emerald green tartan blazer, a nanna-approved vintage dress and a black shirt with a beaded collar + cuffs- perfect for the night times!)

Trolling through my favourite blogs, I have concluded that I don't care if it is cold as all hell outside- I will wear what I please. Right now, these pictures represent the purchases I wish to make. I have always love the 'cashe' look of a loose t-shirt with a I think imma get myself a grey marle t-shirt.
Also on my list --- a new blue striped top (a la the third picture----god I love that outfit!) I already have a top like this from Sweden which is my favourite top, it just doesn't fit me nicely, so I plan on getting a better fitted one.
Also on my to- do style list --- Wear my hair in braids more! So pretty!!
au revoir!


miss anonymous. said...

I love the third outfit :)

You have a gorgeous blog!

xx miss anonymous.

Trent said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and absolutely love it, especially the striped shirt. I too often wear one, although being a guy, mine resembles Picasso's

...if only more girls shared your aesthetic sensibilities

- a NYU freshman