Tuesday, June 29, 2010

athetics carnival!

Me and Kate in our chesire cat costumes
Last Friday, my school had our athletics carnival! It is my last one ever, so we had to make it super special. Every year each colour house (we have six) come up with a theme and we all come in costume. Last year, when I was the house captain of the purple house, Jaricot, Toys was our theme. I came as a giant rubix cube in a painted box. Competing was an issue. This year the new Jaricot captain chose the theme 'Jaricot in wonderland' so Kate and I came as the chesire cat. It was a wonderful day (athletics aside)!

Kitty love, Kate
The new captain, and my love, Sophie as tweedle-dee and Anna, Kate's sister was Alice.
Thirza's house, Colin, did the theme 'zombies'
Me and Kate as kitties,
Izzie, angie, Sophie and Prue enduring the cold in the blue house, Chavion.

Me, before I failed at shot-put and long jump...I'm not very athetic.

Au revoir!

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