Saturday, May 2, 2009

a preview.

Getting you into a Japanese mood. I'll upload all of my photos tomorrow- ive been really busy with school for the past and next few days. Hopefully I'll upload them tomorrow. In the meantime- enjoy me with my amazing snoopy "party cup" I got from Universal studios in Japan. It was so cold yesterday, thought I'd muck around and be oh so Japanese with my posing style.

Also- Kumiko Funayama. My favourite Japanese model, shes only seventeen and I believe her to be the prettiest girl Ive ever seen, ever.Shes from one of the Jap magazines, and one of my new personal favorites ' Popteen'. so good, so funny. It institutes Japanese Gyaru fashion which is simply translated to street fashion. I am going to try and continue 'reading' Popteen, and somehow get it every month.

au revoir.

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Stono Caves said...

Oh Lor, you are all things wonderful. Can't wait to read more about your trip.
Hope to catch up with you soon!
Missing you.