Thursday, May 28, 2009

These days just get colder and colder-

and even more so do they require tea! Tea is God's juice. amazement.
(I'm just wearing tights and a sweater from myer, and my favourite fish necklace from Newtown festival last year.)
I am in a very good mood today- school was normal, Ive got so much work to do coming up (eek!), and no real parties coming up in the future ( sad!) but, an amazing fountain of excitement is about to unfold. I'm so lame...but that makes me cool (right?) Anyways... I am exited as I am about to start writing about fashion for a website!

Along with a good friend of mine who is also going down the fashion track, we will be writing the fashion section for this new amazing website targeted at informed younger people who want to know more about fashion, music, art and culture. Ill be going to a meeting sometime soon - success! Whoa am I excited- I hope I haven't jinxed it now! I'm not too sure what to write about yet, but I have a few ideas...a few more could help? When the sites ready, I'll link it here, so you can all check it out! Hopefully Ill have some new outfit posts soon- I do have some plans.
au revoir.

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