Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Today was the most amazing day. I went to school today in hopes of being elected a prefect and I got the exact position I have dreamt of since year seven. Pure magic.
I also went shopping last weekend and I thought I'd display a few of my purchases which I'm in love with: well first there's...
The bag: I love love love it. Its from this Japanese gyaru fashion shop in the city which I went into with hopes of finding a red one, but pink'll do. I can save the read one for the real Chanel 2.55 deal.
The jacket: Ive always wanted either a denim or leather cropped jacket for winter, and after stealing my friend Sams' at that party on the previous blog, I was so inspired to get one too! I can't wait to wear it.
The sweater: Perfect necessity the winter months. So casual, so comfy, but without being daggy. I actually wanted a very similar cashmere one in a different shop, but it wasnt there...and this was at least $150 cheaper so...

Still on my mind: acid wash jeans with beautiful big tears in the knees. Ramones style.
au revoir.


Anonymous said...

I love the bag and jacket. Gorgeous! Thanks for following my blog I will be a regular to yours now!


mice said...

Cute outfit! (:
Jacket and bac looks really good!

Brown Eyed Girl said...

Cute bag! Could you kindly tell me where you got it? I'm getting a little bit sick of my black 2.55

The feather fleurette said...

ohh the bag is from this shop near central station in Sydney, closer to broadway actually, its called "jadore white". i still have the shopping bag it came in- thats how i remembered. theres a few colours left, but no more pink. Im so jelous you have a real chanel!