Thursday, May 7, 2009

now an ACTUAL fashion-related post.

T O P S H O P = magic.

Damn being secluded in Australia, sure, Topshop has an online site, but the pound is almost three times the aussie dollar, no fair.
Here's some shoes that have been sitting in my "inspiration" folder for agessss when I stealthily stole them from the Topshop website (hence them being so small- sorry). My favorites are the white ones- they would go so well with a lot of things and they're just so amazingly pretty.
I did find black multi-strap shoes in Japan! They're not mini-heels, as I had hoped, they are flats... but I like them very much.
I will try and do an outfit post soon, sorry, been lacking in them, as I flick through this blog ( yes, a website can be flicked through)- and they're my favorites to do!

My trip to Japan has really unexpectedly influenced my style these days, all the Pop-teen and pop-sister magazines give me such ideas. The models look so effortlessly cool and kawaii ( kawaii meaning cute/pretty in Japanese). I have such a yearning to buy cute beanie/beret type hats, and add bows to my collection of many, many berets I already own ( and have missed during summer) and the lilac! Its not just Europe and the US who love lilac! everywhere in Japan. I almost drooled when I found these amazingly perfect little lilac socks which I had bought before my host girl, Mari, had even entered the shop. They're really big on hosiery stores there also- so many! It was heaven!
au revoir.


Ellie said...

I love the bottom shoes. So cute. Bows and Berets, you can't go wrong.

Rad said...

Ahh I love the last pair of shoes they're adorable!