Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hey there rosy cheeks.

Today I went for a lovely shop with two of my best friends, Izzie and Thirza.

I bought an amazingly pop-teen inspired leopard print beret, a perfect blush (both shown in pictures), false eyelashes and a grey bodysuit. so great.

I also got a plain white t-shirt, that I was in need of. Pictures show most of my buys.
I wish to next buy a Chanel 2.55 style red bag, preferably a bigger one- it is my dream to own a real one!
Tomorrow I'm going to a lovely party, and there will be photo documentation for me to post here as I'm bringing Vladamir... also, sorry about poor quality of photos, they're from my mac. Vladamir is resting and charging for tomorrow, and after my blabbing on about neglecting outfit posts, I thought my new purchases needed to be photographed. goodnight, au revoir.

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Ellie said...

cool hat - have fun tomorrow