Friday, May 22, 2009

Peaches is divine.

P E A C H E S G E L D O F = epitome of awesome.

I don't think I am one for the British "hipster" scene as such, I usually find that their style can either be way awesome, or can turn out a tragedy; but, this Peaches Geldof business, wow. I have admittedly been stalking her style for a little while, I feel she gets it right oh so often. She always looks just beautiful , but these pictures I came across the other day just made me feel all nostalgic!
Last year, I would, somehow, everyday, attempt to have either a braid or a flower in my hair. It was my mantra. I could not wait to travel to San Fransisco and wear flowers in my hair- as the byrds would say.
I still absolutely love this hair, but I was just so amused because this was my most perfect thing to me last year- if only I had come across these then. still, enjoy the babe hair...not going to lie- may copy it. ALSO, I really want the white top, tie and blazer in the last few pictures! A true style icon.
au revoir.


Vanitylife said...

i do enjoy what peaches wears.. she also went out with faris.. hahah sex on legs as i like to call him.
gahh i am also sssssssssssso excited for saterday... i have no idea what i am going to wear. i must figgure it out soon .!@!
love youuuuuu

hugh- said...

daisy lowe is much better than peaches, and much hotter, plus she has a redhead indie-wanker boyfriend, who i aspire to be. naturally.

hugh- said...

oh yeah i also hate peaches.

but i really like the new layout.
like really... a lot... yeah.

The feather fleurette said...

well yes this is true- daisy is far more attractive than peaches, but peaches has EPIC style, daisy is kind of so-so.
haha her boyfriend is hilarious. now HE has amazing fashion sense!