Saturday, June 13, 2009

The perfect solution to a shoe dillema

Wedge heels! W e d g e h e e l s ! W e d g e H eels !

Being a, lets just say...petite person myself, I am always in dilemma when it comes to shoes. I don't want to wear flats because I basically come up to the navel of whoever I am with, and if I wear heels my friends bag me out ( which is cruel, as they don't understand the burden of being 5 ft 2) and on top of that, that loud heel noise always gives me away.

So I have been on the search for heels which will let me be normal human height, but that don't necessarily look like heels, until that actually see the heel. So I came to the conclusion that these shoes are basically perfection, they don't really look like heels, more like oxfords, but they have an epic heel. I wonder if they hurt to walk in? Probably, but they are very well supported.
These shoes got me thinking about the cool look of modern wedges, I have a pair that are vintage from the shop I work in, but I'm thinking I need the brown oxford ones. I'm sure they look really nice with blue acid wash jeans too!
I can definitely see these being the new shoe trend, I mean, first stilettos, then the rebellion of that- gladiator heels( thank god thats over, btw) then sticking with the chunky theme, why not have wedges? And they are popping up on
just about every Swedish fashion blog these days... au revoir.

I M A G E S: lisaplace and vanitylife.

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