Thursday, June 25, 2009

Valentino... and mui too,

Just some of my favourites:
V a l e n t i n o RTW a/w2009
Absolutely amazing, really. The yellow dress and the long baby blue and black one are some of the best dresses I've ever seen. They are just so perfectly balanced and beautiful. They're dainty and sparkly but also not cliche. I love how unusually shambolic the jewels are, but at the same time, they seem to have structure. They are just...amazing.

Mui Mui A/W 2009

Again with the shiny-ness, that's what I love about this collection, the jewels. They are far more organized and stylized than the Valentino ones, but they are just as pretty. I love how elegant and sophisticaed this collection is, but my favorite thing about this collection is the stockings! They are the ultimimate in shiny stockings, for real. Mui Mui always gets it.

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