Friday, June 26, 2009


N e w ! ( well, almost)

This is my black/white striped top that I bought not too long ago, but never posted about. I think it's lovely, I have such a stripe fetish. Fetish may be the wrong word as it always suggests some sort of abnormality, so lets say I am a stripe fanatic. Not that much better, but it's true. In the stripe department, a red/white striped top is what i'm wanting at the moment. I have a plethora of black/white striped items... I have T-shirts, bodysuits, jumpers and now sweaters, I also have my favourite piece of clothing, my blue and white striped sweater, but red would be a nice
I think this particular top would look really sweet with soon-to-be-mine CM acid wash jeans, which I will get in 5 days when my birthday rolls around.
What shoes would I wear for that outfit though? The tan oxford heels would be perfect, but they're in dream land, maybe a red shoe could work? I dunno.
I have been off school today and half of yesterday due to illness, so I'd expect at least one more bored post in the coming days. I do have a lovely party tomorrow night which I shall be attending, sick or not, and there will be photos.
au revoir.

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izzie said...

....thats a nice wrist band right there, mmmm yeah.
whoever made that must be talented and love you loads....