Friday, June 5, 2009

Lor is for lula, lilac, luella...and now apparently LEATHER.

(Chloe Sevigney in an Opening Ceremony campaign- I want that whole outfit basically, but mainly the leather)
O.k. Its official: I want some form of leather to wear on the bottom. A modern leather skirt (not a seedy 80's style), modern leather shorts and skinny leather pants!
I have purchased wet look " Sandra Dee" tights at the end of last year which have appeared here more than once, but now I am officially obsessed with skinny leather pants, a la Mary Kate and Ashely. Truthfully they're the reason I bought the Sandra Dee's last year, they're so cool- especially so as they are short.
I say 'modern' as there are so many negative associations with leather pants I think dating back to Catwoman in the 1960s batman. When I showed my father a pair of Cheap Monday leather shorts I was interested in for my birthday he simply said " Why do you want stripper pants? Leather = stripper" NICE, Thankyou Dad. There's also that horrid Friends episode when Ross buys the leather pants, so as a rule- leather pants on boys = NO.
Here's some pictures that have made me fall in love:

(These are my two favourite pictures dujour- The model on the left is just perfect. Major Icon, amazingly dressed and so pretty! She looks fun,too. Sadly I don't know her name. This is exactly how I would wear the leather pants.)

(Leather pants at Balmain. Balmain= eternal love.
+ these are the dream: LOVER leather shorts, they're just perfect- Feminine and elegant also.)
au revoir.


♥ fashion chalet said...

Your blog header is so cool
and a total YES to Balmain<3


Ellie said...

Leather definately doesn't suit me, but I'm envious of how great it looks on everyone else. Hope you find a pair.

hugh- said...
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hugh- said...
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Rad said...

Ahh those shorts are amazing! Pshhh strippperish.

And I'm absolutely in love with Chloe's outfit there.