Saturday, March 12, 2011


Hair muse : V i c t o r i a L E G R A N D !

I am a huge Beach House fan.
I saw them about a month ago and fell completely in love with Victoria Legrand's beautiful hair! It's proper 1920s silent film hair, and she just pulls it off so well...
I came across a Beach House tumblr recently and couldn't help collecting images
of her amazing mane. In the last photo, she is wearing the same sunglassess that I great!


taylorkitto said...

I have suuuuch a girl crush on her. But I mean, who doesn't? She is adorable and talented.


the girl that stole the eiffel tower said...

If I don't brush my 'fro after getting out of the shower it looks like that!

I remembered these amazing shoes the other day, trawled through your posts and eventually found them. I love them so much! I know it says vintage, but where did you get them?


The feather fleurette said...

Your hair is amazing then!
The shoes actually are vintage, I got them from the shop I work at, Mint Condition which is a vintage fashion shop in Sydney. They are from the 70's and the brand is "Australian comfort"...maybe you can look them up online and see if they are still in business?