Sunday, August 9, 2009


S U N D A Y S ++

Today was a quiet Sunday, as Sundays should be. I walked up to Newtown with my dad, had some food, visited the art shop and brought back some bagels and super hommus ( a name given to Aoli dip, by my dear friend Nickolas a while back). I am wearing a thrifted top, leggings from Myer and wedges from Sportsgirl.

Right now I am listening to Kasabian's new album " West ryder pauper lunatic asylm" It's fucking magical. Imagine the gothic genre of literature in music form and you have this album (along with a little Ramones influence- maybe I'm biased, but I can hear it). They have epic voices, I'm a sucker for any band with multiple vocalists. Here's a link to one of my favourites from the album:
It's made 1000 times cooler as my love in life, Noel Fielding is playing Vlad :).
Have a good rest of the weekend!


Anonymous said...

oh lazy days are pure love.

Vanitylife said...

you look amazing
did i tell you..

me and nick are no longer a couple..