Saturday, August 15, 2009

Golden like the sun

I apologize about my slack blogging the past week, I'll be better, I promise! These are some beautiful photos that provide me with a world of inspiration- just look at her hair!
silent film star hair + sailor collars+ the beach = me, in a nutshell.
These auto chromes are from 1913, but they most certainly don't look as such, if i saw these without knowing I would say 1930's at the earliest. I love how overly dreamy and romantic the photos are, the one by the boat is one of the best photos I have ever seen, just ravishingly beautiful.
They make me want summer so badly! Winter has taken far too long, I'm just bored of all the cold now, I haven't been swimming in the ocean for so long! I miss it.
I also find myself thinking about more and more summer fashion, at the moment I am really wanting some cute denim cut-offs, lots of beaded/feathered bracelets and some more pantaloon shorts.
well until next time, au revoir.


shabby tab said...

may i say
those autochromes are really lovely

Stono Caves said...

How strange, I just wrote a blog about summer too!
Her hair is so gorgeous.
Hope you've been well cookie x