Friday, August 28, 2009

octagon !

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O c t a g o n a l
l o v e

In a shop in my hood the other day I found some amazing vintage octagonal sunglasses which were very common in the 60s when they liked to experiment with various geometric shapes in virtually every way. There not quite as slick and modern as the ones ones are quite evidently vintage, but I love them. I will buy them one day soon when I have money.
I was quite amused when I stumbled upon this photo, pretty epic no? O.K Nicole Richie...not a fan, but I am a MK fan and have been ever since I was about eight. Last summer I drew inspiration from the Olsen's in the form of Chanel half tints (which I shall not be abandoning by any means), and now unintentionally Mary Kate has once again inspired my eyewear for summer.

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