Friday, August 21, 2009

S u m m e r t i m e I n s p i r a t i o n s

I LOVE this adorable editorial from French Vogue from a while back called "Jasper and Zippora Seven + King and Justine Crawford are brothers and sisters"
I know that this is an autumn/winter editorial on a windy beach with subdued colours, but for some reason I get summer inspiration from this! It's probably the beach house and the 'ring around the rosy' times on the beach. It's such a beautiful 1940's style editorial, it really tells a story. I like Zippora and her brother Jasper too I suppose, there's something about the Sevens. I'm always on/off with my liking of them. This particular editorial touches a soft spot with me, it reminds me so much of my friends Nick and Natasha. Were all friends and have been for quite some time now, they're so creative and inspirational- I love them both. Nickolaus is a splitting image of King Crawford with the dark, curly hair and suspenders, Natasha is extremely Zippora Seven in this editorial with the adorable whispy blonde bob, and the beautiful smile... and I see a lot of my long haired, brunette self in Justine Crawford. Our relationship is kind of like this I suppose, I have a close brotherly relationship with Nick, and I can see my dear friend Tash and I having those feet in the air-brown oxford/grey sock -giggling- on-stairs times. I would love to have beach times like this with them this summer! You can find Natasha's blog in my blog list- it's called vanitylife. READ IT.



the girl that stole the eiffel tower said...

i loved this post darling!

especially loving the brunette curly haired boy. :)

x x x

Vanitylife said...

awww this does look like us three.. yer well its rather depressing the nick and me thing.. it was very out of the blue and shocking.. everyone was like WTF . um well it started with me freaking out becuase i thought he was hurt or something becuause he was going to come over my house after he went to the movies the previous night with cait and her friends.. he said he was going to be at stathfeild in the morning but i was unsure of the time, so i tryed calling him and he wouldnt answer and nor would his sister.. so i worked myself up about it and when i evenutally went to pick him up i was in a bad mood.. so that didnt start off well. and then he was uber tired and being rude and mean and not his usual happy self.. so i was like ahhh ok what is wrong with you .. and i asked him if he still wanted to be with me.. and he sat up and said "sorry" i was like WTF . and started crying.. it was the worst day of my life.. i loved him so much .. then he started crying and it was massive crying fest! ..
unfortunally we are not on speaking terms... he decided that he isnt going to talk to me.. so im not making any attempt at contacting him.. it is a little painful to think about him.. maybe after hsc ill try and be his friend again! i dearly miss that boy .. i really want to be his friend but i tryed and he rejected me, and that screwed me up even more. So im just going to wait it out, wait until im stronge enough to be his friend.. Its going to be very very very hard to be his friend.
MY TRAIL EXAMS ARE OVER and i have my textiles major due on monday.. and art on friday .. so in a couple of weekends times. do you wanna hang out.. i miss you dearly ..x!!