Sunday, August 23, 2009

What a wonderful weekend

What a lovely weekend I have had! And how different Saturday and Sunday have been. On Saturday I went to high tea for one of my friends birthdays and today my two best friends Izzie and Kate came over to my house and we had such a lovely, hippy-ish day. I say hippy as i/ we spent the day in my hood Newtown- Sydneys alternative neighborhood ii/ I bought a hippy bracelet and bad tourist's tee with a dolphin and a moon on it which I love ( I see now that its actually quite simmilar to my header) and iii/ we went to a taroh shop and got our oracles read! so funny, so summer! The weather was simply magical today- true summer weather, I think that made everyone so happy. 32 degrees is a nice change from the 15 degree or less days we have been having so much of lately. ENJOY the pictures, I'm wearing:
top -general pants, pantaloon shorts-vintage, shoes- sportsgirl.
au revoir.
p.s The photos from high tea I will post in the next few days.

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