Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Fearsome Five

TWENTY S E V E N NAMES w i n t e r 2 0 11
TwentySevenNames is a label that I have blogged about so many times before. To me, Rachel Easting and Anjali Stewart (the designers) can do no wrong. I mean, just look at the clothes! I love not only the clothes themselves, but the twentysevennames 'girl' who is a mix of understated cool and feminine playfulness, I believe.
Their winter collection "the fearsome five" is based on 90's subcultures- geeks, grunge kids and preppy 'clueless' type gals. I even hear that the hair for the runway show (below) was inspired by the girls of the ever popular 90's 90210 (I can see that).
I love how in this collection, Rachel and Anjali have stayed true to their simplistic, muted and subtle aesthetic but mixed it up a bit with brighter prints (very 90's) and a darker pallete (it is winter of course).
I love how TwentySevenNames lookbooks always have a band of beautiful girls modelling the clothes, rather than just one. I just think it's such an innovative and fresh take on marketing a collection- it certainly draws me in! This season's lookbook has only five girls (as opposed to the ten or so that featured in the s/s 10 "twelve" collection lookbook) and each shot features a certian colourway (white, black, prints) which I think is really smart. The clothes, girls and photos just look so amazing!

I am trying really hard to not be as inspired by this collection right now, as today we had a lovely 25 degree spring day! 'Twelve" has a much more "spring" vibe to me!
Just as a side note, sorry about the lame blogging, I have three weeks until the HSC. This is what one would call CRUNCH TIME. So I won't be able to blog much. I have my last exam in the first week of November, so expect amazing blogging then!
au revoir! Thanks for reading :)

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