Saturday, February 19, 2011

saddle shoes!

R a c h e l A n t o n o f f
fuels my
s a d d l e s h o e

My brogues (above)

This is a mini outfit post in the hopes of making up for not blogging lately--- I've been pretty much in bed sick for the past two weeks, I had a virus.
On a happier note, summer is almost over here, and I'm starting university next week how exciting! It's due to this that I've started thinking about autumn/ winter-ey, flat shoes that I can wear to uni and the first thing that came to mind was a pair of beautiful brogues (Tennesse Thomas is much to blame!)

So yesterday I was with my best friends around china town and I found the perfect pair of brogues! They are reminiscent of saddle shoes which is a plus, and the colour is just what I wanted. I had to get them. I also liked that they reminded me of Rachel Antonoff's collaboration with shoe brand Bass shoes (pictured below and modeled by ms. Thomas herself).

These shoes are featured in Rachel Antonoff's A/W 2011 collection as well. If you haven't already seen the collection (which she previewed by throwing a mock prom in a high school auditorium in New York) I suggest looking it over- the clothes are just so beautiful, and the idea of having a mock prom...amazing!

I'll do a post about it soon, I already have a full folder full of pictures of my favourite trombone printed pieces from the collection...but for now I'll give you a preview of the beautiful saddle shoes she dressed the prom- going models in!

au revoir!

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Rachelous said...

Wow those shoes are gorgeous! Good luck with uni :) xx