Friday, February 6, 2009

Lilac! + stripes.

(sorry Ive been a but neglectful this week, I just started year eleven, which means more school for me! but today...)

I got the most amazing H A T !( and a striped T-shirt).

I went to the previously mentioned ( in one of my most early blogs) Surry Hills markets and I had a great old time, I didn't really buy all that much, it wasn't great this time, but I bought an absolutely adorable mint green sailor -type top ( not anywhere near amazing as the one Cassie has on skins, in the last episode of season one- seen below)


a pastel coral skirt, and one thing not from the markets, but purchased today ( and it was far too expensive, so my bank account is suffering!) is the amazing velvet skirt- also featured on a past blog-.
I got all these in conjunction with the stripey top and the hat (both seen in picture). I'm pretty sure its one of those finds where you get comments like " I think I had a hat like that once... when I was five!"
but I absolutely love it! I'm off to a party now, so sorry about the rushed and rugged blog entry this is .

au revoir, simone.


Vanitylife said...

i saw a sailors dress on ebay for $ 40 dollars but i was like. gahhhh ill wait until i find one in an opp shop.. but i havnt found one yet .. so very depressing .x

SLICE magazine said...

I was thinking the same thing about Cassy's top.