Sunday, March 1, 2009

W I S H L I S T :

A U T U M N is here today!

and how excited I am! As ive said many times before, autumn is my favourite season as, in the Australian climate the temperature is perfect for wearing my favourite types of clothes. See, in Autumn I can easily get away with wearing flimsy and light fabric based clothes, which are very spring or summer like.. with tights! How i've missed them over the long, hot summer. Autumn has perfect weather for me to wear a lovely skirt and blouse with stockings, and if colder then a light jacket ( I have an amazing navy blue military jacket I got for xmas which I have not yet worn). It also is time to crack out the old classic maroons, navy's and mustards.... Well yesterday I went to one of my favourite shops, minty meets munt and to my shock I found almost everything on this list that I prepared weeks ago! I will need to save to get most of the things I want, but how lovely it is all there! So here is my wishlist for Autumn:

1. some comfortable black shoes- vintage, with a little heel probably.

2. A sailor dress/ top ( still holding out for that one)

3. A plain black bodysuit ( Ive been thinking lately I'd also LOVE a lilac one)

4. A red plaid blazer/ jacket.

5. A black seqined jacket/ cardigan (FOUND: minty meets munt. I tried it on and shall get it!... well, as soon as I come by $150 to spend on a cardigan on my part-time salary)

6: TIGHTS! in all shapes and colours! I am very happy about the shiny ones I got, but I would also love some plaid ones,and more decorative ones- like the white ones to the left below. or maybe even more shiny ones- much like the ones showing Luella at the moment!

7. SOCKS! even more than tights, I am lusting after socks these days! pretty delicate ones that I can layer with and wear with chunky shoes- ooh I'm getting excited just thinking about it. ( the lilac ones below are STUNNING!)

8 Shoes with mutiple buckles ( wearable shoes - not epic heels) exactley like the ones in the picture.

I really do love this picture. DAMN topshop, with there not being one in Australia, I found out these socks are only three pounds!

9. A plain black bowler hat.

... and im still on the search for that perfect lilac t-shirt. still.


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Stono Caves said...

Love the new layout!
Your list sounds great. Not things that could possibly look good on me but YOU on the other hand, would look stunning for sure.