Thursday, March 12, 2009

I dont think I can express how much I really want this:

B L A I R ' S H E A D B A N D !

Blair of Gossip Girl is evidently a huge influence on my style ( as cliche as it is) and I love almost everything she wears- truthfully these days I find myself fast forwarding through the whole episode of gossip girl , bar the scenes that contain chuck or Blair so I can get some fashion inspiration ( and eye candy ... hehe). I love her colour pallet and I love her quaint, yet quirky accents.
I do usually always love her headbands, and I have really been a bow headband wearer since my primary school days, but this particular one really gets me going, how I do love it!
It is so lovely and simple, but it can really make a simple outfit( say... a t-shirt and skirt) look amazing! I love the navy and the majorly oversized bow, but also the fact that it is velvet! I really wish I could find one simmilar, if not maybe I could make one. Anyone know any knock-offs? Or, the real thing perhaps?
au revoir.

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