Thursday, March 5, 2009

Inspiration: Ballerina.

Images from Rodarte and Charles Aanaste.
I've always loved ballet. I'm just one of those people who find it beautiful and inspiring and it's incredibly evocative to me. I have recently bought this amazing dress ( for far too much, may I add) and it just inspired me so much! Although we are now in autumn, there is never a bad time to crack out the pink tights, big, tulle skirts and black bodysuits... and of course, the bun with a pink ribbon in it.

Another ballerina inspired inspiration is from one of my favourite fashion houses, and my personal favourite from fashion week ( Chanel came second, but im under the impression that the world would combust if CHANEL ever got anything wrong)- E R I N F E A T H E R S T O N E!
I really loved this collection as it was in keeping with Featherstone's ethereal wood nymph feel, but it was more structured, and more Luella like. I think it was not only the almost perfect palette of the collection ( incorporating purples, blacks, whites and maroons among many other colours), but the embellishments of: the bows, the almost tye-dye effects, peter pan collars, lace gloves and stockings, and sequence. I loved the uber- girly-ness of it all, using beautiful silk and sheer fabrics... and I loved all the lilac.
Come to think of it, I think this is my favourite Erin Featherstone collection ever. SHES A GENIUS.

( this is one of the best looks I've EVER seen)

A u r e v o i r.

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