Monday, March 2, 2009

sad song ? Stay golden!

Stripes! oh, shock horror! On this blog? NO WAY.

Well this is just a little blog telling you all about how happy I am that my dear stripey sweater arrived today and I am so happy with it! It fits like a dream ( wow, I never thought I would ever use " fits like a dream" in my life, but there you go). I had a fine day at school today and at the moment I am listening to Au revoir simone and it is making me happy, as this one particular song reminds me so much of when I went to America last year. I was listening to them ( along with the pipettes, the byrds and Lykke Li) constantly, Au revior specicifically when we wre driving around San Fransicso at 4am, my father getting lost every three seconds, thinking the GPS lady was out to get him, and trying to figure out how to convert miles into a form of measurement he actually uses. haha. good times. I really did love san fran the most. I would love to live there when im older, maybe just for a while.
I am eagerly awaiting the eighth issue of LULA magazine! a.k.a my future place of employment (haha, cocky much?) but yes, SO excited. Really, from what ive heard its major themes include: Hannah Murray, Chanel Iman, Luella, lots of lilac, flowers and edwardian type clothes, boater hats , shiny stockings and bows. Really, there is nothing I love more than Lula, pretty much as I have never had such a connection to somthing, as it really does understand me ( as lame as that sounds). My entire fashion palette is displayed there- everything I love- and how amazing that feeling is!
au revoir.

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