Monday, March 9, 2009

Like the new header?

L u l a + S O C K S!

Yesterday I went to BORDERS to look for Lula. I did have some trouble finding it, after looking at the foreign fashion section for about twenty minutes ( getting a little bit distracted due to the huge french Vogue book full of the s/s 09 collections and reviews of them!) I was ready to give up when a small indian man approached me; " Would you like any help?" "yes please- I would." After spelling lula out to him about four times, he finally found it for me. It was in the foreign pop culture section instead- and the last one too! Well, at $29 a pop, it was SO worth it.
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
When my phone stops being evil ( where I took all the photos) , I will upload all of the editorals I am in love with.

I am aso In Love with these socks! Jonathan Aston- these are called 'tiffany anklets' and I would love nothing more than to own these- I think they are perfect! and hopefully Myer stocks these, I know that they do stock Jonathan Aston...
One can only hope!


an92 said...

Thankyou for your lovely comment, though I am almost 17! Your blog is awesome too :)
I have those JA socks, I got that specific style from DJ's, but yes, Myer stocks JA too :)

Vanitylife said...

omg i love the new header . gagagaghhhhhh it has my picture in it .. yayayay!!!!!!!!!!

Blair said...

LOVE Your Blog Darlingg You Have AMAZING TASTE!! - MB