Friday, March 27, 2009

Autumn inspiration:

Early A U T U M N inspirations !

I have still not fully recovered from my sever case of fashion block, but im getting there... Yesterday I watched Gossip Girl and fell in love with a particular outfit:

Absolutley amazing!( And once again, I swoon over the blairband)... So this inspiration plus me scrolling through the teen vogue and topshop websites seemed to help the block. I thought of autumn and lavender colours and how lavender and lilac are so not autumn colours, but I will make it work and I decided that I should start filling my autumn closet with these things:

B L O U S E S:

I have thought about what I could wear to make my pretty skirts even prettier and blouses was my first thought! Vintage shopping for beautiful white blouses is relativley easy at local thrift shops so it should be no real problem. Im thinking about blouses with peter pan collars, lace and ruffles! Blair wears them so well.. and not only white ones... lilac ones too! ( this one pictured is from liebemarlene vintage- it reminds me of the lulella style ones, so hopefully I'll buy it) I particularly like bow accents on blouses, so a pretty bow tie or ribbon worn as a bow around the collar I would love to wear.

P U R P L E !

All different shades of purple- violets, lavenders, mauves and lilacs! I would like to not only have purple blouses and tops, but purple skirts, socks and perhaps hair accessories! I get so excited thinking about the purple items I enevour to own...and I think my complexion suits purples as well!( Im a winter) I also love paring lighter purples with darker winter colours and shades like navy blue or black with a touch of white. I think that colour pallette is gorgeous and season acceptable.

Im off to another lovely party now... I'm wearing either a vintage shiny silver and black dress or a vintage coral dress with a big bow on it! au revoir.


Ellie said...

I really love that Blair outfit too. I showed it to one of my friends and she thought it was the most hideous things she had ever seen. To each their own.

Vanitylife said...

oh my blair looks lovely, and i demand you and me go blouse shopping.. !! my exams are almost over and i miss you dearly .!!

fritha louise said...

Blair always looks so good, I love GG for inspiration. I agree with you on the whole purple thing, I'm so into it at the moment!